Mission Statement

What makes us different?

We are not only family owned but the owners actually teach most of the classes, from the lowest levels to the highest.  We do this to insure the highest quality instruction possible for all of our athletes. Based on our backgrounds in personal training and being multi sport athletes, we decided to focus on gymnastics for every child, not just a few extremely talented ones.  Our goal is to train athletes through gymnastics. We fully understand that the majority of kids will not continue gymnastics at some point, but will go on to participate in other sports. We believe that gymnastics is an excellent foundation for any athletic endeavor our students go on to participate in and we use that mentality in our training.   

At Flipzone  we don’t have levels in our recreational classes.  Many gyms assign each student to a level and then have a predetermined set of skills that level will work on, no matter the apparatus.  Our philosophy is different. Since every child is unique and has unique strengths and weaknesses, we progress our students as individuals.  It is our goal to progress each student in each area as their skill set requires through one on one attention. For example, if they are ready to progress in beam, but not floor, they progress in beam.  Their strengths are not held back by their weaknesses. You are not just a number at Flipzone, but an individual and we do not believe in a “one size fits all” curriculum. We are a small gym family on purpose because we feel it is the best way to train our athletes.  We would love for you to give us a try and allow us to put your child on the track to become a better athlete.