High-End Open Gyms For Kids

Top-Class Open Gym for Kids

At Flipzone, everyone who has paid our yearly membership fee is welcome to attend open gym time for extra practice and reps. We welcome children aged 16 months to 18 years during our sessions.


How to Instill Healthy Habits in Your Child

  • Instill a love of fitness and good health in your children by making physical activity a fun family event.

  • Get your child involved in a regularly scheduled sport or activity.

  • Play together as a family.

  • Help your child learn why it is important to eat healthy and be active.

  • Give your child a well balanced meal; even if you have a tough time getting them to eat all (or any) of their veggies it is still important to present them on the plate with the meal.


Schedule for Open Gym: Friday: 6:00pm - 8:00pm