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At Flipzone of Lee’s Summit, MO, we help build a strong physical, ethical and moral foundation that will carry over to life after gymnastics. Trust our reliable communication system to keep you informed at all times.


 Through our gymnastics program, your child has the opportunity to succeed in life through the development of long-term life skills such as confidence, perseverance, sportsmanship, goal setting, respect, teamwork, a strong work ethic, a love of exercise and a sense of accomplishment in their abilities.

What are the benefits of gymastics for a child?

our recreation classes

$65/month – 1 Class | $100/month – 2 Classes | $42 Registration Fee | 10% Discount for Siblings

Our classes are based on age groups, but in each age group, we individualize the skills for them.  For example, if a child needs to work on cartwheels, some will work on perfecting them, some work on 1 handed, some work on roundoffs.  Same with bridges to walkovers. The 7-12 age group, will work on skills like roundoffs and back handsprings. 12 and up we work on whatever goal they have whether it’s for dance, gymnastics or cheer.

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AGes 7-12

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